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Dan Melson, Realtor and Loan Officer
Clarion Mortgage Capital
Clarity Real Estate Network

California Depart of Real Estate License 01389295

Phone 619-300-7425 (cellular) (no vendors)

Fax Pending
email danmelson (at) (consumers only)

For Real Estate Buyers and Sellers, as a Realtor I specialize in the urban areas around La Mesa, CA (Zip Codes 91941 and 91942), Santee, CA (Zip Code 92071), El Cajon, CA (Zip Codes 92020, 92021, and 92019) and adjacent areas of San Diego, CA (Zip Code 92119, with parts of Zip Codes 92120 and 92115). I will happily work in other areas of San Diego County. I was born here, I grew up here, I've watched the area grow and mature. I know the neighborhood markets. Sorry, but I do not engage in sales work outside of San Diego County. There are only 24 hours per day, and I do not believe I can maintain the level of market knowledge necessary, nor provide the level of service necessary

I am able to do loans anywhere in California. Extremely competitive quotes, Guaranteed at time of lock. If it costs more than I say it will, you don't pay the difference - I do.

People who are interested in having me do a loan or real estate transaction for them: You may leave your contact information in the comments space, and it will be kept private, or you may email me (danmelson at danmelson dot com) or any of the usual ways to contact me. Please disregard the final paragraph below, which relates to people trying to sell me stuff.

Lenders and other people with things to sell: I am always interested in finding better deals for my clients, and I do want to talk to you. However, you must contact me through my office - do not use the above information. Make an appointment if you don't want to rely upon luck. Do not send unsolicited e-mail - it will be deleted unread. Sending commercial e-mail to either the or emails will cause your email address to be to consigned to the spam filter (I'll give you my vendor e-mail when we talk). Unless I specifically instruct you to do so, calling any of my personal phone numbers (including the cell number above) will save you the effort of future solicitations, and will almost certainly result in a do not call complaint. I do not market via cold call, and I expect vendors to observe reasonable limits on the practice if you want to do business with me or my clients, who don't want to be telemarketed either. To save you time and embarrassment, I am not interested in any loans featuring negative amortization. Don't try to tell me "great service" is the reason I should do business with you, as opposed to the vendor who also has great service but gives me a better price. All of my wholesalers have great service and excellent turn times as well - if they don't, I won't use them. The primary things I am interested in for new lenders are better prices for loans or loans that allow things that the competitors don't. If you're not confident enough of the value of what you're providing to spend the time and effort to hold a good conversation, that tells me all I need to know. On the plus side, people are usually pleasantly surprised at how I do welcome new vendors with something that might actually help my clients, and I will keep your information against future needs even if I don't have an appropriate client right now.


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