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Amazon Christmas Kindle Deals

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This is the first time I have ever put these books on sale. It may be the last.

Starting 8 AM Tuesday, December 20th through 8 AM Saturday, December 24th, the Kindle editions of both "What Consumers Need to Know About Mortgages" and "What Consumers Need to Know About Buying Real Estate" will be on sale for 99 cents.

For 99 cents, you can learn how to avoid the deadly mistakes that cost most consumers many thousands of dollars in shopping for a home or a mortgage.

If you may be shopping for a home or a loan or both in the new year, the information contained in these books will teach you enough to drastically improve your outcome.

If you know anyone that may be in the market for either soon, they are great gifts, and can be downloaded immediately. No hoping Santa or the delivery service gets there on time - immediate gratification!

What Consumers Need To Know About Mortgages

What Consumers Need To Know About Buying Real Estate

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Also, for the first time since last Christmas, the full kindle version of The Man From Empire (Book One of Rediscovery) will be FREE from January 19th to January 23rd. You can't get a better price than that. Try it for free, and if you don't like it, delete it. If you do like it - which I'm betting you will - there are three more published in the series (all still only $2.99 on kindle!).

Again, immediate download. If you're looking for a gift, no worrying about the delivery service getting there on time

The Man From Empire



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Links to free samples here

The Man From Empire
Man From Empire Cover
Man From Empire Books2Read link

A Guardian From Earth
Guardian From Earth Cover
Guardian From Earth Books2Read link

Empire and Earth
Empire and Earth Cover
Empire and Earth Books2Read link

Working The Trenches
Working The Trenches Cover
Working the Trenches Books2Read link

Rediscovery 4 novel set
Rediscovery set cover
Rediscovery 4 novel set Books2Read link

Preparing The Ground
Preparing The Ground Cover
Preparing the Ground Books2Read link

Building the People
Building the People Cover
Building the People Books2Read link

Setting The Board

Setting The Board Cover
Setting The Board Books2Read link

Moving The Pieces

Moving The Pieces Cover
Moving The Pieces Books2Read link

The Invention of Motherhood
Invention of Motherhood Cover
Invention of Motherhood Books2Read link

The Price of Power
Price of Power Cover
Price of Power Books2Read link

The End Of Childhood
End Of Childhood cover
The End of Childhood Books2Read link

Measure Of Adulthood
Measure Of Adulthood cover
Measure Of Adulthood Books2Read link
The Fountains of Aescalon
Fountains of Aescalon Cover
The Fountains of Aescalon Books2Read link

The Monad Trap
Monad Trap Cover
The Monad Trap Books2Read link

The Gates To Faerie
Gates To Faerie cover
The Gates To Faerie Books2Read link

Gifts Of The Mother
Gifts Of The Mother cover
Gifts Of The Mother Books2Read link

The Book on Mortgages Everyone Should Have!
What Consumers Need To Know About Mortgages
What Consumers Need To Know About Mortgages Cover
What Consumers Need to Know About Mortgages Books2Read

The Book on Buying Real Estate Everyone Should Have
What Consumers Need To Know About Buying Real Estate
What Consumers Need To Know About Buying Real Estate Cover
What Consumers Need to Know About Buying Real Estate Books2Read

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