I have finished a new non-fiction book "What Consumers Need to Know About Buying Real Estate: A Guide about what really happens from a Real Estate Insider"

About 158,000 words, it debunks the fallacies that most consumers have about buying real estate and gives practical, solid advice about improving your outcome.

Current Projects

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The fiction project I'm making the most headway on at the moment is set before the Interregnum, a story about one of the first Guardians capable of creating splinters and what happens when one becomes independent of the originating Guardian. The working title is "Splinter"

I'm continuing to work on a nonfiction project as well, a companion to What Consumers Need To Know About Mortgages, What Consumers Need to Know About Buying Real Estate

Preparing_The_Ground_thumb Cover.jpg

Amazon link is here, with extensive excerpt

Preparing the Ground

This is the first in what is planned to be a series covering the developing conflict between the Empire and the fractal demons.

Back cover teaser

It started innocently enough. I was the engineer on one of Earth's first explorations beyond the Solar System, using borrowed Imperial technology. Captured on a hostile planet, I have to make a plan to escape. And then I discovered my real mistake

It takes place starting a few months after the end of "Empire and Earth" but the major characters are completely different.

I should also mention that there are three human but not Earth-human cultures which we see in varying degrees, all of which treat certain potentially sensitive subjects in ways entirely different than we do. For this reason, I would not recommend this book to anyone of less than high school age. There's nothing explicit, but it might shock some. The main character grows considerably over the course of the story.

That said, I do believe that those who liked the Rediscovery trilogy will also like this one. Please consider buying, and if you do, please review it! Thank you to all who do!

New Novel Finished

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Tentatively titled, "Preparing the Ground," taking place beginning a couple of months after "Empire and Earth", but with an almost entirely different cast of characters. Roughly 91,000 words in current form

My first reader has it, and I'm thinking about cover ideas.

Through Saturday, the Kindle edition of the first Rediscovery novel, The Man From Empire, will be a free download. Literally, no cost and no risk.

The Man From Empire

Life in the Empire has finally settled down. The last of the ston rebels have taken amnesty, and re-joined civilization - or have they? A massive terrorist attack kills millions and the trail leads the investigator straight to a remote world with no known Imperial contact - a world known to its inhabitants as Earth

Last week, I followed the Facebook page of an author I once used to respect.

After three days where literally every post - roughly 10-12 - had lengthy screeds against those of differing political persuasion, I dropped him.

If he'd been using facts, or talking about the science of the matter, that would have been one thing. Instead, what he wrote was about how the other side was evil for disagreeing with him. Not simply wrong, evil. He also committed every single one of the basic logical fallacies at least once, some of them in literally every single post. (There are roughly thirty major fallacies, but only about ten are basic. The others are special cases of the basic fallacies)

That's not arguing science. That's preaching religion. And I will have none of it.

I fully realize that there are evil people in the world. It's fine to call them out, and make accusations - as individuals, where there is evidence.

But to presume that anyone who disagrees with you must therefore be evil is the mark of a religious extremist. An intolerant religious extremist. Furthermore, it definitely is not the act of a rational human. Rational humans realize that there are reasons why other people - people of sound moral character, rational mind, and fully informed on the issue - might well disagree. Might well disagree without being evil. Might even be closer to the objective truth than you or me.

There is only one kind of person who cannot concede that: A religious fanatic. Someone who is convinced that anyone who does not agree with their dogma must therefore be evil.

Let me let you in on another secret, as well. Someone making the argument of a religious fanatic is not arguing in good faith. Argument by sermon may be a perfectly valid argument within the faith - but it doesn't work for anyone not of your faith and it definitely is neither a rational nor a scientific argument. These arguments are profoundly anti-science and anti-rational. In conversing with those not of your faith, they are worthy of nothing but contempt. Certainly not my time or that of anyone else who is arguing in good conscience on the facts of the matter.

That includes those who conduct argument by sarcasm or belittlement or insult. Some humor is fine - but if you cannot or will not shift to making a real argument on the basis of facts and logic, you are preaching religion, and a religion of intolerance at that.

Yes, people are human. They get tired of the same arguments. It's human to slip. But if you have slipped into preaching religion and you will not return to objective facts and logic when it's pointed out, that's no different than the most adamant preacher of whatever religion you care to name calling for the subjugation of the infidel.

It simply is not relevant if you've gone over the arguments before. It doesn't even matter if you've gone over the arguments before with that person and they don't agree. If you want another person to do something you want them to do, the onus is on you to demonstrate why that other person should do so in their own judgment. Anything else is quite simply the moral equivalent of holding them at gunpoint, and in the case we are considering, it puts you on the same moral plane as burners of witches and those who committed the massacre at Beziers.

Many of those making such arguments proclaim they despise Christians - but Christianity left such things behind in 1648. I'm not Christian, but I realize that while the use of force may be necessary in a very few instances, it is not an argument of science or of rational thought.

Can your religion say the same?

This nonsense and other similar things have been going around lately.


The numbers are accurate as far as 30 seconds of research can tell, but they don't tell the story of *why* the numbers fell before vaccination. This is what is called, "telling the truth, but not all of it." In other words, one of the most effective ways to lie.

In fact, public health methods before vaccination aren't easy to find online. I can find reference to typhus, where clean sanitary water stops most of it, but not to smallpox, measles, and other airborne or easily spread by indirect contact diseases. But I can remember older relatives talking about quarantines and other methods that were in use, and toxic, caustic chemicals far worse than anything anyone has even *accused* the chemicals in vaccinations of being. Depending upon how bad an outbreak got, things sometimes got to the stage of de facto martial law, at least in matters having to do with public health.

The spikes in the chart - which are so large as to render the Ordinary Least Squares line best fitting them as meaningless - are caused by the nature of how fast the disease would spread before public health became cognizant of the issue. In fact, given increased localization in the charting instead of nationwide, the spikes would be far worse, and given the way the modern population moves around from coast to coast and internationally on jet airplanes, the spikes would be both far larger and far more common, as localized outbreaks would spread far more quickly.

So would you really rather be treated by massive infringement upon your civil liberties, large doses of toxic and caustic chemicals in your environment, and even more extreme methods in a few cases - or would you rather just go get your vaccination?

What Consumers Need To Know About Mortgages (A Guide About What Really Happens From a Mortgage Insider) is now available on Amazon!

Kindle edition only $4.99 through February 28th!

This book is intended to cut through the nonsense and teach consumers what they need to know to deal with mortgages.

What you need to know and how to shop your loan so you end up with the best loan possible at the time, instead of getting stuck with a bad mortgage.

There is an entire chapter devoted to how not to inadvertently sabotage your own mortgage application.

How to not waste thousands of dollars choosing the wrong mortgage

418 pages covering everything consumers need to know from basics like credit score, to how your application is evaluated, to how to handle the process from start until the loan funds and is recorded. Real snags and stumbling points people have brought me over the last ten years of running this website, with common sense solutions.

Want to know how to improve your application? It's inside.

How to respond to common snags? Read the book!

Reading this will also help real estate agents understand how to keep consumers and transactions from going bad.

Man From Empire Cover

(I do apologize that the physical book edition is pricier than I'd like. It will drop with larger print runs)

The first thing to understand is that the entire machine of loans is completely impersonal. I don't mean that you're necessarily just one more cog in the machine to your loan officer, as I can't remember encountering a loan officer who thought like that. But the mechanisms of whether your loan in particular is approved have precisely zero to do with whether you're a good or virtuous person, whether you deserve a chance, or anything other than how well you fit the profile of someone who can repay this loan. Understand that. Your bank doesn't give a damn if you're black, white, brown, red, yellow, or pink with purple polka dots. They care about green - money. They don't care whether you're a man or a woman, what your sexual orientation is, or anything else. They make their decisions based upon how well you fit the profile of someone who can repay the loan. How much you make, how stable that income is, how much of that income is obligated to other payments, how well you manage credit and a host of other factors. Except as I will note later, they don't care how much equity is in the property. Banks are not in the business of owning property, and they lose money when they have to foreclose no matter how much equity is in the property. They're in the loan business. They care about whether you fit the profile of someone who will repay that loan. Not having enough equity for the loan guidelines will lose you a loan, but having more won't get your loan approved. In the course of funding well over a thousand loans from dozens of lenders, I have never seen or heard race, ethnicity, sex, or orientation of the applicants mentioned in any sort of communication other than by government mandate for gathering the information. If it weren't required by the government on a mandated government form, I have precisely zero evidence that anyone at any lender I have ever submitted a loan to cares. What they want to know is whether you fit the profile of someone who will repay that loan.

How do you fit the profile? Earn a steady income from a consistent source. Save enough for a down payment that fits the underwriting profile, which varies from zero to twenty percent or so. Manage your credit well. Make your payments on time. Don't try to borrow more than you can afford to repay. Be able to document everything. I'll go over all of this in considerable detail later in the book, but the criteria are all financial. The rest doesn't matter. The banks don't care if you're Democrat or Republican, statist or anarchist, or which way you put your toilet paper rolls in the bathroom dispenser.

Coming Soon from Amazon

What's Coming

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Most of my productive writing lately has been a non-fiction book on getting a good mortgage loan and avoiding bad ones. I hope to have that out early in January. I'm still working on a sidelight book on Grace's nephew, though.

If you're looking for last minute gifts, a kindle download happens immediately. Any or all of my Rediscovery series works!

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