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Starting this coming week, I will start posting a sample of loans I really do have at the time I post them. About once per week, I'm going to be posting sample A paper loans, thirty year fixed, both no points and one point, and 5/1 ARMs, both no points and one point, retail rate. In other words, net to you. The rates are going to be assuming a loan of $400,000, with a Loan to Value Ratio of 80 percent. If you bought more than two years ago, you should still have something like that much equity. They are also assuming good credit and being able to document enough income to justify the loan. Now A paper is highly variable, and it will change at every day (at least!), but it is rare for rates to change very much within a week. In short, it will vary, but it will be something I have at the time I post it. No prepayment penalties, no prevarication, no tricks.

Also starting this coming week, I'm going to be posting information on properties worth checking out in my opinion. Area of the city, basic statistics (Bedrooms, bathrooms), nice stuff, who I think it should interest, and what's wrong with it aka why it hasn't sold already. No Address, MLS number, or pictures. You'll need to contact me.

Basically, these will "free samples" of my work - the start of what I do for my clients. If you want to see it, you need to come in to my office and sign a non-exlusive buyer's agent agreement, which basically says if you buy a property I introduce you to, then you will use me as your agent for the purchase. As I have explained before, Buyer's Agents usually don't cost you anything and they usually save you a lot of money.

If you're a listing agent with a property you want me to look at, contact me for terms. Be advised that those terms always include me being completely honest in my opinions of the property, and that includes if I think it is vastly overpriced. But if you've got something that really is worthy of more attention or should have sold already, I'm all ears.

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