Potential Bargain Property July 3rd, 2006

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General: Santee, 3 Bedroom 1 bath, asking price range $350,000 to $375,000.

Why you should be interested: Single family residence at a price you would expect to pay for a condominium, in easy commuting distance to most employment centers.

Selling Points: Kitchen looks nice. If the rest of the property looked like that, it would have sold already. Then again, it would also have sold for a much higher price.

Why I think it's a potential bargain: Curb appeal is limited to nonexistent. The neighborhood isn't bad, but it certainly lacks visual appeal on the gut level. On the market over three months and vacant, which motivates a lot of owners to deal. No recent sales within a block, but nearby homes have sold for much more very recently.

Obvious caveats: If there's air conditioning, I can't find it, a real necessity in East County. A buyer intending to live there should probably plan to install it.

Why it hasn't sold already: no curb appeal, unappealing neighborhood, no air conditioning

Fact you should be aware of: The reason for the low price is that it needs work. There's a limit to how much you can do without being a Misplaced Improvement, but this property can be made much more attractive to buyers than it currently is.

Call me. Action Realty 619-449-0723, ask for Dan.

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anniesuh321 said:

hello dan,

my name is annie and i really lilke your honesty. i just recently bought a home and i feel like i got a little ripped off in some way. but then maybe i didnt. i dont know. anyways, how soon after you purchase a home can you refinance???

Dan Melson said:

Good question. I wrote an article, and it'll appear on my other site Tuesday morning (aug 22nd). I'm so far ahead here that it may be a while before it appears.

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