General Consumer Articles: Weeks in Review May 11th-May 31st

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Last makeup week. Let's hope I don't let this get behind again!

Newly Written Articles

You Want an Agency That Can Pay ENOUGH Attention to YOU: Just because they sell a lot of properties doesn't mean they do a good job of it. More and more, that is the complete opposite of the way things really are.

Restricted Sale Property: Very Difficult to Find A Loan If your property has restrictions upon who you can sell it to (as low income housing, college housing endowments and other properties often have) then lenders will usually not be willing to loan against the property.

Buying Real Estate Isn't Simple. You've got hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. People are going to try to cheat. Complex issues requiring professional knowledge really do pop up. If it were easy, anyone could do it without problems. Clearly, with the number of people having problems right now, that is not the case.

Student Loans and Real Estate Loans: Default, Repayment vs. Nonpayment and Consolidation Effects student loans have on your ability to afford real estate loans - even when you're not in repayment status.

Debunking the "Record Wave of Foreclosures Coming" Myth This is just manipulating data to make things look worse than they are.

The Measurement Unit For Desirability Is Dollars A good buyer's agent can make a difference, but if you want a property with something extra, you can expect to pay more for it than you would for a property without that extra.

I'm Competing Against Multiple Offers. How Do I Proceed?

Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate the once a month roundup of worthy articles submitted for consideration

Updated Articles

Why the Real Estate Buyers Agent's Commission is Paid by the Seller

What Can You Recover From the Title Company When They Miss an Easement?

Efforts to Rehabilitate the Negative Amortization Loan

Can Someone Be Added to an Existing Mortgage?

Buying Investment Property - An Example of the Issues

Practical Examples - Refinance or Prepayment Penalty?

Power of Attorney for Real Estate Transactions

The Seller Always Knows More About the Property Than the Buyer

Full Circle: Back to More Traditional Lending Standards

The "We'll Keep You In Your Property" Scam

Investors Aren't The Only Ones Who Can Fix Ugly Properties

What if Your Partner Refuses to Pay Their Share of a Loan or Mortgage (or Won't Pay on Time)?

Cash Back From The Seller to the Buyer in Real Estate Sales The only reason people want to do this is to commit FRAUD

Don't Rely On Reputation - There Are No Silver Bullets


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