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The Empire of Humanity has a history of over 100,000 years by their reckoning, roughly 80,000 by Earth's. Here are a few major events and the eras they fall into, including major characters.

Roughly 15,000 years before Empire: Human Confederacy defeated by C'Tangi. Some life survives on 21 human worlds within a radius of about 480 light years of the center of human space. Refugees flee in any way they can.

Roughly 200 years before Empire: Arakota conquered on Weircol by Alrassa. Arakotans become subservient to Alrassans, but are prized as servants for their general level of education

Roughly 100 years before Empire: The Rediscovery, when Weircol discovers the lost technology and the reason why the Confederacy fell. Breeding program for what were then known as mindlords began, concentrating on males. The successes are adopted into the Alrassan royal family.

Year Zero: Merphon becomes Emperor. His own surviving children (eventually 15, all male) effectively become princes of the Empire, those descended of other mindlords are cast out of the succession, but Merphon resists naming an actual heir. Second generation mindlords, most notably Baryan, Yokel, Jehob, M'Dorna, and J'Pit.

Year 115: C'Tangi defeated. End of the Rediscovery. Humanity begins expanding in earnest into First Galaxy. Minor wars over the rest of this era, but nothing major. M'Dorna's Hypothesis posited.

Roughly 5000 years: Third generation mindlords begin to be born to Merphon's children. Really the first generation where the powers are mature and more or less fully understood. YokNos is born in this era. Scimtar is also born, of a bastard line from another first generation mindlord.

Roughly 30,000 years: Start of the Outsider Wars. Major wars, running hot and cold over the next 70,000 years. For as long as they run, the central fact of Imperial life. Beginning of the Empire's movement to Vector Drive for interstellar travel, as enough operants become available to make it viable. Mindlords born into this era are generally considered to be Fourth Generation, differentiated from the third in that they grew up waging the Outsider Wars. Important survivors born in this era include Ierd and Antro Baryan, Drashin M'Dorna, Nom Cor, and Sarba JeNor (formerly Jehob). Osh Scimtar was also born into this era

Roughly 100,000 years: Final victory of the Empire in the Outsider Wars. First Galaxy completely under the dominion of Empire. Beginning of significant colonizations outside First Galaxy. Mindlords born into this period are generally considered Fifth Generation

Roughly 103,000 years: First major war since end of Outsider Wars. For the first time since the C'Tangi were defeated, Empire begins 'switching on' operant abilities of new children, resulting in the bifurcation of operants into cots and stons. Cot survivors born in this period are usually considered Sixth Generation, and include Iaren, Amras, Anara, and Anana Scimtar.

104203 (Imperial 28:56:43): Ston Rebellion. Interregnum begins.

105780 (Imperial 29:23:00): Empire Re-declared, Sarba JeNor (formerly Jehob) as Guardian.

105804 (Imperial 29:23:24) Effective resistance to Imperial Re-establishment ends in First Galaxy; aggressive effort to re-acquire territories in other galaxies of Home Instance begins, new expansion efforts both into other galaxies of Home Instance and into other Instances.

109410 (Imperial 30:23:30) Events of The Man From Empire, (Amazon kindle or paperback other e-books) (Rediscovery Book One), followed by A Guardian from Earth (Book Two Amazon kindle or paperbackother e-books) and Empire and Earth (Book Three Amazon kindle or paperbackother e-books)

109412 (Imperial 30:23:32) Preparing the Ground (Preparations for War, Book One Amazon kindle or paperback other e-books)

109417 (Imperial 30:23:37) Working the Trenches (Rediscovery Book Four Amazon kindle or paperback other e-books)

109432 (Imperial 30:23:52) Building the People (Preparations for War Book Two Amazon kindle or paperback other e-books)

109436 (Imperial 30:23:56) Events of The Invention of Motherhood (Politics of Empire, Book One)
Amazon kindle or paperback other e-books

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