Commissioned Officers in the Empire of Humanity

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These are the highest echelon of officers within the Imperial military. The biggest distinction is that they are specifically trained and expected to make decisions regarding the destruction of planets and major habitats, and whether it's an intelligent or beneficial thing to be doing under the circumstances. Once again, staff ranks are not in the chain of command.

Colonel Candidate insignia: white star on black background. This is the only rank in the commissioned range that is in chain of command but does not have a specific command assignment. This is a trainee rank, assigned to a more senior commander.

Colonel insignia:purple star generally the operations or executive officer of an army group

group colonel insignia:green star commander of an army group of 60^6 combat troops plus support elements, In terms of precedence, the rank is equal to but after a civilian Tertius; all higher ranks have precedence over a Tertius

staff colonel insignia:white star on white This is a staff rank

first colonel insignia:red star on black background. Generally the operations/executive officer of an Alliance of three army groups

Alliance colonel insignia:gold star Commanding officer of an Alliance 3 * 60^6 combat troops plus support elements

Master colonel insignia:blue star Operations/executive officer of a System of 4 Alliances

System commander insignia:2 purple stars Commander of a System of 12*60^6 combat troops plus support elements. At this grade, the command pyramid becomes steeper. Generally, from this point upwards, an officer is promoted into command, and then when they are believed to be ready for the next grade, given an in-grade assignment as executive/operations officer of the next command echelon up, commanding several officers theoretically equal in rank to them.

Staff commander insignia:2 white stars on white is a staff assignment

Commander insignia:2 green stars Commander of a System Group of 5 systems, or 60^7 combat troops plus staff elements. In terms of precedence, this grade is equal to but after a civilian Quartius

Tour Commander insignia: 2 red stars Commander of a Tour of three System groups, or 3*60^7 combat troops plus support elements

First commander insignia:2 gold stars Commander of a Tour Group of four Tours, or 12*60^7 combat troops

Strategist commander insignia:2 segmented white stars on white This is the last and highest ranking staff assignment possible

Sector Commander insignia:2 blue stars commands a Sector of five Tour Groups, or 60^8 combat troops. In terms of precedence, ranks with but after a civilian Quintus.

General insignia:3 gray stars commands a Sector Group of three Sectors, or 3* 60^8 combat troops

First General insignia:3 purple stars commands a Subprefect of four Sector Groups, 12*60^8 combat troops

Prefect General insignia: 3 green stars Commands a Prefect of Five Subprefects, or 60^9. In terms of precedence, ranks with but after a civil Sixtus

Group General insignia:3 red stars Commands a Prefect Group of three Prefects, or 3*60^9 combat troops

Master General insignia:3 gold stars Commands a Subquadrant of four Prefect Groups, or 12*60^9 combat troops.

Quadrant General insignia:3 blue stars Commands a Quadrant of five Subquadrants, or 60^10 combat troops. Ranks with but after a Civilian Septimus

FInally, we get into what the Empire considers Flag Grades, officers important enough to have an influence upon the entire military of the Empire. They ranks still go with specific command assignments, but the number of combat troops actually commanded can vary significantly. These ranks are:

Commodore insignia:White triangle on black

Senior Commodore insignia: purple triangle

First Commodore insignia: green triangle, commanding roughly 60^11 combat troops, ranking with but after a civilian Octus

Admiral red triangle

Senior Admiral gold triangle

Supervisor blue triangle The Seniormost military officer in the Empire. Ranks with but after a civilian Nonus

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