Calmena, the Planet where Preparations For War takes place

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Jeppesen Charts Entry: (Earth measurements option)

Epsilon Indi A II (Calmena

WARNING: There is a war zone flight prohibition within 1 Imperial hour (1.836 billion kilometers) of planetary surface.

Mass .96 Earth, mean radius 6108 kilometers, density 6020 kilograms per cubic meter
Imperial: Mass (43).(53)(51) B13, radius (43).(06)(55) s-1 density (36).(15)(00) B2/s-5

Mean Distance to primary 74 million kilometers (Imperial 2m 25.(05)(53)s) Annual orbit: 145 Earth Days (136 Imperial)

Rotational period 25 hours and 38 minutes (1d 0h 5m Imperial)

Surface gravity 10.27 m/s*s (45.(15)(05) ififths/s*s) 1.047 Earth

2 significant moons: Epsilon Indi A II a mean orbital radius 204,000 km (0.(24) s Imperial) mass 6.0 x10^22 kg ((27).(33)(49) B12 Imperial)
Epsilon Indi A II b mean orbital radius 618,000 km (1.(12)(42) s Imperial) mass 5.7x10^21kg ((02).(37)(07) B12 Imperial)

Mean surface temperature 20 Celsius, (appx E+5 degrees).

Four continent sized land masses, three of them mostly north of the equator, one south, noteworthy Island chain between Continent One (Wimarglr) and Continent Two (Taalmisch), north and west of Continent One. Continent Three (Grawlshar) is south of planetary equator, west of Continent Two. Continent Four (Hashiboor) is northwest of Continent Three, slightly north of west from Continent Two.

Sea level pressure 1060 millibars, nitrogen eighty percent, oxygen eighteen, argon, helium, water vapor, and carbon dioxide making up the rest.

Calmena is under Imperial Interdict, and held by fractal demons. Humans are enslaved under primitive conditions. Do not approach closer than 1 Imperial hour without sanction from the Office of the Merlon

The planet is first described in Preparing The Ground, which takes place partly on the southern coast of Continent Four, but mostly in the central part of Continent One (Wimarglr to the natives). Building The People mostly takes place on the northern coast of Continent One. Setting The Board takes place mostly on the southern coast of Continent Four (Hashiboor to the natives)

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