A Partial Cosmology of Connected Realms

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At the center of everything is Aescalon. Aescalon is a cavern a few tens of miles across. Within the cavern of Aescalon are basically 3 layers: A neutron star perhaps two miles across, an inner cavern, within which the energy coming from the neutron star (and the gravity) is at full effectiveness.

There's a refractive layer between the inner and outer caverns, that contains the vast majority of the radiation and gravity. The net effect is that the outer caverns are habitable for short periods and even normal people can use the outer cavern to walk between the 165 (11 dimensions taken 3 at a time) major outlets. Migurd is the only one of those Realms that has been explored at all in the first book, and mostly limited to the area immediately around Treemount, where an ancient huge gnarled tree named Ygg stands atop (and within) a huge mound of alluvial detritus, from the Scourging.

Every seven days (Migured time) Aescalon is Scourged. It begins when dimensionality tries to exceed 11 within the cavern, and the central neutron star gives out a thus far immeasurable energy pulse which is a major source of mana in the immediate area. During the Scourging, even the outer cavern is scoured down to bare rock. Water and air and dirt and energy emerge from Aescalon into the Connected Realms.

In The Fountains of Aescalon, the protagonist discovered there are many times more smaller tap points than the 165 major outlets.

The final piece of the puzzle known so far is a place called Godshome. It's a very special place and far more energy saturated than even Aescalon. Alexan has a hypothesis he's investigating that Aescalon is an energy shunt between Godshome and the rest of the Connected Realms.

The second book opens with Alexan and Petra trying to come to terms with their newly achived divinity. It turns out the divine ecosystem is every bit the Darwinian nightmare most of nature is - if not worse.

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