Common Governmental Employees and Contracts in the Empire of Humanity

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While Viceroys (Primus-in-fact and above) are the most important government officials, there are others which wield some amount of governmental authority

Investigators are actually the most common. Their job is to investigate and report facts in both criminal and civil cases. It is rare for them not to be operants, while most are full-spectrum Guardians. The nature of the job requires a lot of operant work, so selecting an Investigator who isn't operant typically means they'd have to hire out a second person to do the Investigator's operant work. Investigators do have law enforcement authority and should expect to experience some violence in their work, but it is not their primary function. Most Investigators are contracted at the Secundus-in-fact level, although pretty much every Viceroy Tertius-in-fact or higher will have at least one Investigator. Investigators earn a basic one service point per year.

Police or Enforcers (names are interchangeable) enforce the peace. They are dispatched to quell actual violence taking place and turn the matter over to Investigators. They need not be operant, although more than half are. This is a dangerous and well-paid profession - although most of the time the violence is over by the time they arrive, the exceptions make for a high casualty rate. Their job is not investigative; it's simply to stop the violence, and once that has been accomplished, their job is essentially done. (Note that while duels are legal, they are also rare). Enforcers have limited law enforcement authority, and generally wear combat armor the same as military issue on duty. They are contracted at the Secundus level, and there will typically be about twenty on duty in a given Secundus district (appx 60^5 residents) at any one time. Police earn a basic one service point per year.

Adulthood Services: These are the people who handle administration and care of those who are not adults and have no legal parent responsible for them. The vast majority of their charges are those who have lost their adulthood due to some failure to observe their legal responsibilties towards others. Even in those cases, both the Empire and the individuals concerned would generally prefer willing individuals to step forward and assume responsibility. The Empire is willing to subsidize willing individuals to raise actual children, and therefore actual children in custody of Adulthood Services are rare. The lives of physical adults in their custody are highly regimented and lacking in privacy. Adulthood Services has some necessary legal authority over those in their custody. Adulthood Services is contracted at the Secundus level, and while there are small numbers of civil service points involved for the contractor (who must risk civil service points on contract performance), individual Adulthood Service providers typically do not earn service points.

Engineering Contractors: Are retained for one specific project. As siphons and converters render most utilities unnecessary and others are performed commercially, most government engineering projects deal with flood control channels, fire nuisance abatement, and similar concerns. They are contracted at the appropriate level, and service points are per the individual contract. They have no governmental authority except to complete their project.

Economic Contractors: Sometimes a viceroy may believe their district requires a certain type of mercantile activity and if needed, execute contracts guaranteeing those economic contractors certain levels of activity or revenue. This is rare, because the viceroy personally is required to be the ultimate guarantor of the contract nor are they allowed to grant monopolies or hinder competitors, but it does happen. Far more common are informal persuasions or even viceroys who personally gather the resources required in their private capacity as individuals possessing the necessary wealth. Economic contractors have no governmental authority

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