Why The Structure of the Empire's Government Looks Libertarian

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What are the essential characteristics of the government in the Empire of Humanity?

1. The people running it are very smart.

2. The people running it have a long term outlook - they expect to be around indefinitely. Not like the rulers of most nations on Earth who expect to be dead in a couple of decades.

3. The people running it are Driven. If they weren't, they'd never have gotten so important and if they'd somehow been picked out of a hat, they wouldn't survive the inter-family rivalries.

4. They are aware of what happens to the rulers of any nation when it is conquered or changes rulers from within. They've even intentionally reinforced this rule for the top ruler as a means of protecting the rest of them.

5. They have bent their intelligence towards solving the problems of both keeping the Empire from being conquered and keeping themselves in control. The solution, in broad, looks libertarian from an Earthly point of view, but the root reasons for this have nothing to do with the non-aggression principle, and everything to do with self-preservation on the part of the Empire and its rulers. There are no rights that the government cannot violate if the reason is strong enough - but there are countervailing reasons why they shouldn't do it. As a result, the government and society have a lot in common with a libertarian society, but it is supported not only by the interests of the people, but by the interests of the rulers as well.

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