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Instead of an excerpt from my work in progress, here's an excerpt from my most recently published novel, The Monad Trap, Book Two of Connected Realms. It is available to the right through Amazon and all of the Books2Read retailers.


Afterwards, I felt her revert to her more accustomed shape as we lay entwined together, enjoying the feeling of simply touching and being touched as we enjoyed each other's company. "Hast thou an entertainment planned for Queen Veronia's salon?" she asked.

"I hadn't planned on one. You had told me you wanted to provide a contribution, and since most couples include but one wizard, I had not thought it necessary."

"Is my lord husband concerned I shall be angry if his entertainment is superior?"

"The thought had crossed my mind, milady, but the real item of concern is I am not of Migurd as yet. My last entertainment drew admiration from the other wizards for technical ability, but little applause from the crowd for pleasing their tastes. I am certain they shall enjoy your contribution more."

"You're still worrying the concern we discussed earlier."

"Aye, and a hundred others as well. If ever an ultsi focuses upon a single task, milady, then you should be concerned."

She laughed, a musical sound I loved to hear. "That is obvious to all who have met you. The only thing I've seen you focus on completely was the diligar invasion."

It was my turn to laugh, "Milady, I solved the nature of Eternals while facing Klikitit, and several other problems besides. It would take more than that to cause me to focus all of my resources. A hostile ultsi or pentsi would be the least of such concerns as could claim my undivided attention, not least because of the damage they could wreak in passing did I not do so."

"And what problem are you worrying now?"

"The largest such cluster not banned from discussion by your edict earlier is the nature of monads."

"And what have you learned?"

"Mostly, how little information I possess. The obvious conclusion is I must devise a means for locating them and studying them directly."

"You intend to capture a monad?" She was horrified.

"I did not say that, milady, merely that I intend to locate and study them. I would never begin an inquiry with an action likely to draw ire."

"I notice you haven't ruled it out, either."

"I haven't ruled out burning down all of creation, O Jewel of My Heart, yet you do not seem concerned over the likelihood I should do so."

"You're obsessed, not insane," she began, then realized the implications, "Oh," and smiled.

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