Premise: Calmena and the Preparations For War series

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The idea was simple: Demons have found a species (humanity) that has more potential to resist their conquest than any they have previously encountered due to operant abilities. But they've also found a planet which has lost contact with the main part of the Empire, and has also lost understanding of the gifts and of the technology - but that doesn't mean there are no genetic carriers of the gifts.

So as they did with the likaans so long ago, they kidnap a number of humans, taking them to a nearby world (Calmena, aka Epsilon Indi A II), to breed them for operant gifts and for obedience.

Unfortunately for the demons, humans are more resilient than the likaans were. A few do indeed become part of bloodlines prized for their obedience and usefullness in controlling other humans. More are simply ignored, except as slaves or food. And one managed to lead the first successful revolt, establishing an independent human stronghold on Calmena.

It's been twenty thousand Earth years or so since then. The operant agaani, leaders of the independent humans, have become nearly as oppressive as the demons they won independence from. The fact that their independence is holding on by its fingernails is only an excuse for their abuse of the non-operant humans they lead.

That's the situation when the Empire of Humanity finds Calmena. Since Calmena has long established gates leading to the demonic homelands, it's the starting place for a fast route into the heart of the demons power. If the Empire can map those gates and where they lead, they will have the opportunity to strike a critical, perhaps decisive blow against the demons when hostilities resume. But while the Empire cannot have the demons learning that the Empire knows about Calmena, they are not without compassion for the humans forced to live in such a place. To that end, they form a charity with the goal of helping the Calmenans free themselves. Those working on Calmena must be careful to make the advances appear to be native ingenuity.

Preparations for War has three books currently, and I'm working on the fourth, which will be the last. They are available in e-book or paperback, from Amazon and the Books2Read retailers (Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, etcetera. Includes at least two library services, so you can request them from your public library, too)

Book One: Preparing The Ground Amazon Books2Read retailers

Book Two: Building The People Amazon Books2Read

Book Three: Setting The Board Amazon Books2Read

Book Four: Moving The Pieces will be the last. I'm currently writing it in conjunction with The End of Childhood, with which it has some events in common.

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