Blurb and Excerpt from The Monad Trap

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You'd think there'd be more for a god to do.

Alexan and Petra have become Eternals - minor gods, binding themselves together in their divinity. According to most stories, that's where 'happily ever after' would start.

However, there's a divine ecosystem, as red in tooth and claw as any other part of nature, competing for power and worshippers and other divine benefits. There's also the diligar deity Klikitit, who's appointed Alexan his personal enemy for having dared defend himself against one of Klikitit's Sons. Then there is the question of how do they achieve the next step on the divine ladder? All of this while dealing with divine curses which bind both of them - for all divinities are cursed.

The Connected Realms are certainly more complex than they appear at first glance!


Catharin was most appreciative of my efforts for the next half hour, until Petra called me. Milord husband, I should like to hold our daughter, if you will permit. Playing submissive and subservient - two things she was not. I was definitely going to need to spend time elsewhere until she forgave me for being right about threats to Catharin.

Milady wife, your happiness is my most important goal. I considered asking her about Roni's issue, but in her present mood, I foresaw nothing but trouble in that line of inquiry. She'd tell me if she wanted to. We are returning to the salon, but I can teleport if you would prefer more speed than walking.

To Catharin, Mother is not pleased with me at the moment. If you feel any tension between us, it's nothing you should be worried about. We'll work it out in a few days.

What's wrong, father?

That's between your mother and I. A good husband does not air marital conflict with anyone other than his wife.

So what's your excuse? Her mother had not stinted Catharin's education in that regard. Catharin was more advanced than a lot of twelve year olds in terms of sarcasm and repartee. She'd learn discretion later, I hoped. Then again, she might know how thick my skin was with regards to her.

Shh! I 'whispered' lightheartedly, even if it's all an act, if I break character I ruin the play!



You're hopeless!

I prefer to think of it as adaptive, like some animals who change their skin color to blend in to their environment.

They do that? Catharin was surprised and intrigued.

Yes. There are more things to learn in the universe than anyone will ever know. I think of it as a guarantee of endless wonder and surprise, if only I will look. But a goodly number of the lurking surprises are dangerous if you are ignorant. Some of them are dangerous even if you are not, but learning will give you the opportunity to avoid the danger. If you keep looking, you never know when you'll discover something useful or something wonderful. Your mother was one such surprise.

Perhaps there is something to your curiosity fetish.

That had the sound of something Petra would say. Speaking of which, I re-entered the salon about that time. "Milady wife, you requested the return of our daughter."

"I humbly thank thee husband. Poor wretch than I am, I would have been too distracted to care for her."
That was about as likely as the moon giving birth to the sun, but I did not snort in derision. There was no winning the game when Petra was in one of her white mutiny moods. All I could do was to be as solicitous of her desires as possible. She'd decide she'd taunted me enough in a day or two.

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