The Locale of Aescalon, the Connected Realms and Major Characters

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Aescalon is the cavern linking the 165 major Connected Realms and all the trillions of lesser ones. It is also the portal by which mass-energy penetrates into them. One of the original titles I played with was "Blowing the Bubbles of Creation" (and I'll likely use that title eventually) as that is what Aescalon is: The focal point of the creation of new universes.

Aescalon and to a lesser extent, the Connected Realms are far richer in energy of all sorts than the place Alexan, the major viewpoint character, is from. Alexan is something like a revenant, as he was a detached part of someone whose soul departed. His original was one of the strongest of a group of humans with mind powers. Competition between the families is fierce, and as a result, they have a large amount of knowledge about what works, what doesn't, and how.

The second most important character is Petra. Petra was inspired by Circe from the Odyssey. When first we meet her, she is cursed as a seductress who punishes the men she successfully seduces. She's been stuck in this role since she was created, having never had parents, childhood, or anything like a normal development period. She was originally supposed to be a minor character appearing only twice, but she ended up hijacking the story (twice!). She realized Alexan might be the man she was looking for, able to help her break her curse.

King Edvard I of Treemount is a former military man Alexan persuades to take up the crown after Alexan defeats the former wizard-king of the area in an improptu duel. He's in his fifties, but Alexan rejuvenated him to the appearance of mid-twenties. He's a good, conscientious king.

Queen Veronia is in her mid-twenties, a minor wizard and daughter of a magical mother who used Veronia's power to help herself. But she hit it off well with King Edvard when Edvard was searching for a bride, and Edvard was old and experienced enough to realize what he wanted and needed in a bride was someone he could trust who had her head on straight. It wasn't quite a love match, and yet they're growing closer as time goes on.

Lady Yusidree is a wizard who runs a restaurant in the capital of Treemount. She does not wish to become an apprentice or beholden to anyone, so she insists upon paying for instruction she receives from Alexan.

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