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Once per month, I invite other real estate websites to submit one article, written for consumers on some subject of real estate. I ruthlessly reject wrong, bad, and useless information, and actually make fun of all the spam (without linking, so they don't get their search engine kick).

Today, the Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate for July is up. It's kind of small - not surprising in the summer. But it does show that I'm not the only one writing for consumers.

The Carnival will return on August 31, 2008. If you would like to submit, the guidelines are here, and the link is here, or you can just email me (A valid email return address is required in any case). Ideally, I'd like to start getting enough submissions to justify doing the carnival more often.

Newly Written Articles

Buying Teardown Properties and Condemned Buildings, which talks about some of the issues if you buy a property with intent to demolish and rebuild.

What Does It Mean To Fall Out Of Escrow?, demystifying the process a bit and showing that it's not the escrow process that's to blame.

Procuring Cause and Multiple Agents Talks about how to handle which agent gets credit. It's pretty easy. Not quite as easy as falling out of bed, but close.

Updated Articles

Pre-Payment Penalties and Second Trust Deeds discusses interactions between first and second mortgages, and how a first can tie your hands on a second, or vice versa.

For Sale By Owner - Working Directly With a Loan Officer There is no legal requirement to work with a real estate agent. You're being penny wise and pound foolish if you do - but that's your right.

Demands Listing Agents Make That Aren't in Their Clients Best Interest, discussing ways that agents hose their clients because it makes more money for them, or just makes it easier.

Stand Alone versus Piggyback Second Trust Deeds, a discussions of the merits of each and current alternatives

The tooth was taken out on Wednesday, as I said on my other site, and completely forgot to add here. Bleeding stopped Thursday, I have graduated down from Vicodin to Ibuprofen as of Thursday evening. Since Ibuprofen doesn't hit me nearly so hard, I'm planning to be back from mostly involuntary hiatus on Monday. I wrote two articles Saturday morning, which are set to publish Monday and Tuesday. I was going to write more but at this point I just don't know, because I'm pretty depressed about Mellon.

This week I was intending to start here with some more local articles, about the neighborhoods of the area where I work, as well as at least one Hot Bargain Property and Real Loans for Real People, but we'll have to see how things shake out. I loved that little dog.

Newly Written Articles

Customer Disservice and Alienation - Why Nobody Talks to My Clients Except Me - even a dental office mistake is something a good agent can learn from

If You Don't Think Agents Are Valuable, Do It Yourself. If you really think agents aren't worth anything, stop asking us to work for free, or give free advice.

Charles Schumer Administers Coup-de-Grace to IndyMac How to change a corporation from hurt but salvageable to dead meat, and cost the taxpayers four to eight billion dollars - all by publishing one letter.

Updated Articles

The High Cost of Waiting To Buy A Home talks about the expected costs of holding off one, two, or more years to buy the property you are interested in. In San Diego County right now, the reward for moving before the crowd will be much greater.

Stupid Negotiating Tricks: Appeal to Pity (or Falling for Appeal to Pity) talks about one of the common tricks of a certain type of buyer - and seller.

The Lure and the Trap of Debt Consolidation - Payment Versus Cost of Interest talks about how dangerous loan consolidation is - and how to do it right.

Signing Off Loan Conditions talks about the actual process of getting loan conditions signed off, with some common tricks of the less scrupulous loan provider thrown in.

Real Estate: Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be talks about how to get from where you are to where you want to be when what you want is more than you can afford right now.

Newly Written Articles

How to Buy a Bargain Property, a discussion of what sorts of properties to look for.

Buying Your Final Home: Payment versus the Rate/Cost Tradeoff, in which I discuss why you want to pay attention to the real cost of the loan, not the payment - even when you're never going to pay it off.

Updated Articles

Credit Lines: Number and Length of Time Open

What to Beware in Third Party Services, talking about kickbacks and the lengths some agents will go to.

What Happens To Equity During and After Foreclosure?, talking about how the equity you may have thought you had will evaporate during the foreclosure process.

What to Do When Your Loan is Declined is a look into the process that many loan providers use as a bait and switch technique.

What Happens To Equity During and After Foreclosure?, a discussion of what it will cost you to allow the foreclosure to proceed instead of selling the property yourself.

Vampire Properties, discussing the property with beautiful surfaces that lures buyers in, only to discover the rotten substructure after they have bought.

Once again, I do apologize for only two new articles this last week. That was not the plan. Unfortunately, my tooth had other plans.

I still don't have the tooth pulled, but as of late last night, it seemed like the antibiotic had finally caught up to the infection, and the pain went down a lot over a couple of hours. It still hurts, even with pain killers, but it's not like being actively and continuously stabbed any longer. I'm going to try moving down to the Vicodin the general dentist gave me today instead of Percocet, and maybe I won't be quite so out of it, so maybe I can write something.


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