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Newly Written Articles

Earnest Money: Copy of a Check or Proof Of Funds? talks about which I'd rather have, and why.

The Return of Portfolio Lending discusses the plusses and minuses of lenders that underwrite to their own standards, rather than with an eye towards selling the mortgages on Wall Street.

"Buy and Bail" or Buying One Home Before Foreclosure on Another examines the effects that the practice is having upon perfectly legitimate investors with no intention of allowing foreclosure.

A Highly Leveraged Way to Ameliorate the Financial Crisis gives a suggestion that would save the federal government lots of money, if followed. Of course, if the banks and mortgage insurers hadn't panicked by over-contracting lending standards, there wouldn't be nearly so much of a crisis.

Updated Articles

Seller Carrybacks covers the seller lending the buyer part of the money they need.

Using the Real Estate and Mortgage Information Found Here is an article about intelligent planning and knowing the situation, rather than ignorantly hoping to get lucky.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster? evaluates both the financial numbers and the psychology involved.

Altering the Terms of A Real Estate Purchase Contract. It has to be done by negotiation and agreement, not unilaterally.

Almost forgot my weekly round up of consumer articles I've written

Newly Written Articles

Negotiation Requires More Than Dueling Ultimatums, talking about the exchange of ultimatums faxes that often passes for negotiation today.

Personal Loans For A Real Estate Down Payment talks about one possibility for getting a down payment quickly, and the downsides.

There Are No Schools That Teach What A Good Agent Needs to Know refutes the canard that since real estate doesn't require college, let alone an advanced degree, obviously there's no value provided.

Updated Articles

Owner Occupied Loans Only Require A Year of Occupancy Once you have met that threshold, there is no need to refinance just because you move out.

Listing Agreements: Exclusive Right to Sell Versus Exclusive Agency talks about the differences in the various listing agreements.

How Much Can Lenders Low-Ball Their Quotes? gives some concrete examples of legal low-balling techniques.

"You've Got Something I'm Interested In, But I Don't Want to Pay You" Trying to cut out the person who demonstrates they know what they're doing is foolish, but people will try.

Sorry this is late.

Newly Written Articles

All Buyer Assistance Programs Require Full Documentation of Income, an article that talks about one important fact of life for all first time buyer programs, or indeed, any government loan assistance whatsoever - the fact that you must document enough income, and enough history of income. Stated Income is not an option if you want taxpayer assistance.

What Do Loan Qualification Standards Accomplish? discusses why have loan qualification standards at all, and what the benefit is.

The State of the Loan Market and How Much You Can Borrow September 2008 (Part I) and The State of the Loan Market and How Much You Can Borrow September 2008 (Part II). In the first part I discuss what the issues and limits are with real estate loans right now, and in the second part, I discuss what programs there are available to help.

Updated Articles

FSBO Horror and Failure to Disclose Property Defects

Investing in Second Trust Deeds

What Does Escrow Do?


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