General Real Estate: October 2008 Archives

Today's special treat is the October Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate.

I do apologize that I haven't had more up the last few days. There have been sudden demands upon my time (clients and family, both welcome!)

Newly Written Articles

APR vs APY: What The Difference Between Note Rate and APR Tells You: APR, by itself, is useless. But the difference between APR and the note rate tells you about how high their fees are - or at least what they're willing to admit

Offers Where The Buyer Knows About A Problem With Your Property Think about it: They know, and they want it anyway. If they didn't know, what would happen when they found out?

Mortgage Loan Modification talks about one of the best tools to mitigate the fact that many people are upside down on adjustable mortgages.

How Loan Modification Benefits The Real Estate Markets tells about the good loan modification does for the market as a whole, even those who did their research, and didn't stretch to buy too much property.

Updated Articles

Builder's Incentives To Use Their Lender

Why You Should Not Refinance Just to Lower Your Payment

When Selling, ALWAYS Be Willing to Show Your Property


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