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Why You Don't Want A "Top Producer" Listing Your Property It doesn't matter how good they are if they don't have the time to devote to your property.

The Hope (Dashed) For Homeowners Program talks about how the Hope for Homeowners program really isn't going to help most people.

Updated Articles

Regulators Toughen Negative Amortization Loans?

Pay a Prepayment Penalty Now, or Wait to Refinance?

Loans Not Funded

What Are Points and How Do They Work?

Things to Consider If You Can't Afford Your Payment

Newly Written Articles

Buyer's Agents Presenting An Offer In Person talks about the advantages of agents presenting an offer in person.

Multiple Offers: Weak But Increasingly Common, And It's Your Listing Agent's Fault talks about how to discourage strong offers for a property - and how to discourage them.

It Is Illegal Under RESPA to Require Even Prequalification With a Particular Lender talks about RESPA prohibiting mandatory requirements to do anything with a particular lender.

The Qualification Letter I Use for My Buyers and Require For My Listings talks about what sellers and listing agents need to know in order to know that this particular buyer is capable of consummating this loan for this property in particular.

Updated Articles

Property Advertisements: Trolling for Clients and Not Very Truthful

Existing Debt: The Biggest Hurdle in Mortgage Loan Qualification

Temporary Rate Buydowns

Second Trust Deeds and Loan Subordination

Having your Credit Run

The Pin That Pops the Housing Bubble?

Let Me Tell You About The Loan You Could Have Had

Buying Investment Property - An Example of the Issues

If The Underwriter Makes A Mistake

The Appraisal and Appraisers

I do have a new article ready to go for tomorrow, and should have one for Tuesday. After that, it's probably going to be updates until the new year.

I have been working a lot of hours, and writing this site is about the only area where the time factor can give. I've got a new article queued up for tomorrow (and it's a goodie: Presenting Offers In Person), but I'm not certain I'll be able to find more time to write this week.

Newly Written Articles

Cash to Close - A Basic Primer talks about the underwriting standard that had become forgotten, and is now causing lots of transactions to crash and burn because it's back with a vengeance.

Fake Agent Scams talks about telling the difference between a real agent and a fake one.

Adverse Possession talks about a very real feature of real estate law that can cause you to lose part of your property - or you can use it to gain legal title.

Updated Articles

Legal Reasons for Making Late Payments on Your Mortgage. Basically, there aren't any good ones.

Issues with Divorce and Real Estate Understand what divorce does to who is responsible for the mortgage payment and who has title.

Mortgage Loan Advertisements: Horrible and Getting Worse talks about how mortgage companies manipulate the truth and take advantage of your ignorance to get you to call. If you understand most of these advertisements, they are like signposts that say "DANGER! Toxic Waste"

Gravity Is Not a Major Determinant Of Housing Prices. Look at supply, demand, and ability to pay.

The new consumer article for today is Adverse Possession, discussing a method whereby property owners can lose part of their property by failing to defend their rights against squatters.


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