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This week is one where I didn't write much that was new, because I was too busy with clients. But the updated articles include some critical ones

Newly Written Articles

Consumer Focused Carnival of Real Estate is this month's carnival of real estate information targeted solely at educating consumers.

Updated Articles

Levels of Mortgage Documentation, or, Why You Should Demand to Do More Paperwork You knew there was a reason why stated income was bad, right?

Loan Pre-Approval Means Nothing You don't think the person writing that approval is actually risking anything, do you?

Cash Flow Versus Balance Sheet Accounting in Real Estate There's more to consider than payment. Much more.

Hourly Pay Instead of Commission For Agents This is one of those ideas that sounds good, but when you examine the nuts and bolts, not so much.

Pre-Payment Penalties If Your Loan Is Sold To Another Lender Selling the right to receive payments alters nothing about the loan contract.

Homesteading and Declaration of Homestead talks about what a declaration of homestead is.

I've been working a lot of hours and allowed some of the more usual articles to fall behind.

Newly Written Articles

VA Loans Have Become The Magic Bullet talking about how, with everything else getting tightened and over-tightened, VA loans have become the best thing on the block.

How Much Down Payment Do I Need and How Do I Get It? Talks about how to get a down payment so you can buy real estate while it's cheap.

Mortgage Fraud Is Still Happening - What To Do About It No matter what is happening, or how many people are being arrested for mortgage fraud, it seems there is always a scam of the month.

You've Got a Great Offer, But Can The Buyer Consummate It? (Cash to Close) talks about investigating whether your prospective buyer really has the cash to close the loan that's going to enable them to actually buy your property.

Stop Short Sale Bait and Switch talks about the increasingly common practice of advertising listings - particularly but not exclusively short sale listings - below any price that might have any possibility of being accepted, in order for agents to meet buyers.

Updated Articles

California Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement

Adding Someone to An Existing Mortgage

Unpaid Property Taxes That Should Have Been Paid Through Escrow

When The Buyer And Seller Can't Agree On A Price For Real Estate

Understanding Loans: When There Is A Problem, It's Good If They Tell You Right Away Don't penalize the people who are actually honest.

Buyer's Basic Guide to The Foreclosure Process and REOs

Read The Full Note Before Signing

Pay a Prepayment Penalty Now or Wait to Refinance Until It Expires?

New Good Faith Estimate and HUD 1 Form Approved

Misplaced Improvements in Real Estate

Housing Bubble Death Trap

Buying Real Estate Without A Source of Income Or When You Are Changing Careers

Some Risks of Lender Owned Properties (REO)

Getting Rich Quick in Real Estate

Real Estate Sellers Giving A Buyer Cash Back is Defrauding the Lender

Zero Interest Credit Cards versus Home Equity Line Of Credit


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